My name is Charlie Tee & I am a neon addict

Pretty much summed up in the title above! I am Charlie and I run Pink Lamp Creative. 

I have worked in the nightlife and entertainment industry since I was 17. I worked as a fulltime club DJ until I turned my head to event production around 10 years ago. I am always looking for the next quirky thing and have a real drive to make people stand out and not go down the ‘standard’ event route when there are so many cool themes and styles out there.

When i’m not working I like going to gigs with my wife and spinning tunes with my mates! 

So I don’t have to write the same email a million times (or FAQs)

I’m in the trade, do I get discount?”

I love working with other industry buddies! My regular trade customers get special rates. You will need to hire at least 3 times before I offer this though, you know, just to make sure!

Can we see your stuff?

Of course! Our unit is based in Hertfordshire which allows us to cater easily for London and Cambridge. If you see something you like but you’re not quite sure if it will fit in with our design scheme we can set it up for you to see.

 The kettle is always on, and there is normally some kind of snack and treat selection around!

Do you do dry hire?

Got a van and don’t need me? No problem! You are welcome to collect and set up any of my collection. Most items are wuite bulky so would need at least a small van. 

Not got time for that? Let me deliver, set up, dismantle and collect for you. Good eh?

Do you do custom items?

Yes I am always working on custom options for people as having your name on stuff if alawys cool right?

All new custom items are added to the website as soon as they spill from my brain and are created!